We are open 365 days and we don’t even know what is low, main or high season, our price is a family price that make you feel comfort and homey. 3 big meals are daily available upon request will keep the surfers healthy and fit for surf after surf. Utopia Surf Camp had served more then 300 happy and satisfied guests returned home yearly.

Surf Trip Packages (STP)

Surf trip mean, we organize 1 surf session somewhere in the spot where best work of the day and hopefully uncrowded or surf somewhere after surf in front home break at Karang Nyimbor. Price Include brand new Toyota Avanza car, experienced surf guide, drinking mineral water, camera and photography.

STP 1. Bengkunat belimbing lentera : ONO
STP 2. Bali Village, Marang, Way Jambu, Mandiri, La’ai, Lintik : ONO
STP 3. Walur, Krui, Tembakak : ONO
STP 4. Pugung Tampak, Jennys, Jimmys, Honeysmack : ONO

Minimum requirement is 2 persons


Tour 1. Taman Nasional Pemerihan/ Elephant Conservation Camp : ONO
Tour 2. Ranau Lake, Lombok, Skala Brak kingdom Palace and Lampung Traditional house Village : ONO
Tour 3. River raft in Way Biha or Way Basoh : ONO
Tour 4. Taylor/ Custom made trip : ONO

Rental Motorbikes

Daily : ONO
1 Week : ONO
2 Weeks : ONO
3 Weeks : ONO
Monthly : ONO

Car Transfer

To Airport : USD 100/ Car
To Ranau Lake : ONO
To Liwa, Pugung, Bengkunat : ONO
To Krui, Ngambur : ONO
To La’ai : ONO
To Mandiri, Way Jambu : ONO
To Bendungan Biha : ONO
To Biha : ONO