14 single / double adjustable simple and comfortable rooms with sea view. Porch, comfort bed, western toilet and over head shower, mosquito nets, fan, electric outlets, wash rack, towel and cupboard. Designing traditional separated wooden bungalows 10m by the beach is considerably purposed to provide privacies and conveniences of surfers those who spend a whole day for surfing. They comfortly sit in verandas and overlook the most well known waves of Ujung Bocor aka. Karang nyimbur just a stone thrown away from its room.

The great waves can be checked from the tower as well at the camp but paddling out requires a small 5 minutes walk up the beach and Surfers absolutely escape from boat packed.

Meanwhile things in Krui operate very differently than other more developing tourism part of Indonesia. They are primarily laid back and basic. In this area for the average travelling surfers looking for escaping from more crowded Indo Spots it will be adequate, but if you have got any special need or desire, please just clarify them with us and we will be more then happy to assist you.